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Axe Edit for Ultra


New Member
Hi everyone, Noobie here. I'am in the process of getting an Ultra and heard that the newest version of Axe Edit doesn't work with the Ultra is this true? and if so does anyone have the version that will work with the Ultra. Thanks for any help



Try the AE 0.9.191 version (win/mac) you can find under AxeEdit in the software link in my sig..

justin clarke

New Member
Hi! anyone still know where to get axe-edit version 0.9.191 for MAC? All these old links seem to be dead. Im running Axe-edit version 1.0.191 on MAC OS X 10.11.6 with an Axe-fx ULTRA with firmware 11. With this setup Axe-edit connects but won't receive patches or sync. Others seem to have had luck with v0.9.191 way back in 2013 so I figure I should try it.
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