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Axe and MFC tuner out of sync


Sorry, I can't change the topic line as it isn't clear... it is the displays of the MFC and the Axe that are out of sync when the actions, as stated below, are executed. The MFC display is definitely wrong.

I have noticed this behavior between the displays on Axe-FX and the MFC-101 and I am not sure if this is a new issue or if it has always been like this. I don’t remember it acting this way before but I have been using the Axe without the MFC for a bit.

I am using my MFC-101 Mk III, in preset mode, and have it configured so that the IA Sw 16 does both Tap Tempo and engages the Tuner when held down on the MFC.

The issue:
Here is the scenario – when I engage the tuner via the MFC I can disengage it with another tap of the IA Sw 16 OR by selecting another preset. The odd behavior is when I select a preset via MFC, then engage the tuner (by a hold of IA Sw 16 using the MFC) and then press the SAME preset (on the MFC) I was using when I engaged the tuner. At this point the MFC display shows I am now back to using the preset BUT the Axe-Fx display still has the tuner displayed and engaged.

I am not sure if this is by design or if I missed setting something back to how I had it before upgrading firmware – I was back and forth between V17 and 18 beta before going to the latest fw.

I am currently running the latest firmware on both Axe and MFC. While trying beta firmware and updating the MFC firmware I did a Sys Param Reset in the Axe and had to reset some parameters in both the Axe and MFC... this is where I may have missed something.

Any thoughts ? Does anyone else, using the IA Sw16 as both Tap and Tuner, have the same behavior as I described above ?
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Found it ! I forgot to set "Ignore Redundant PC" to Off I the I/O menu. It must have got set back to default (On) during my reset and I missed it. All is well now - the MFC and Axe display are in sync when I exit the tuner by pressing the current preset button on the MFC.
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