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Axe Édit trouble ......


Hi everyone ,
I had to re install everything on my Mac after a hardware problem , i ve download the latest Axe Edit version on fractal site and even the drivers but i find that Axe edit behave strangely .....communication is interunpted as soon i chnage preset on the axe , never observed that before and it appears to be longer to respond to the Axz changes ....i m still on 10.01 on it .
i ve re install both ....axe edit and drivers but nothing has changed ....if anyone has an idea , I d really appreciate ....
i ve also posted my question on Axe II thread but had no answer .... hope to be more lucky here


Hi ...
Thanks for answer , no I did not upgrade to Catalina for the moment.... just have re install Mojave and it worked well before.
But now communication is lengther and interrupted as soon I change preset on the Axe .....


..communication is interunpted as soon i chnage preset on the axe , never observed that before..
I believe this has been the case for many years now. At least, it's been the case for me. I presume you're referring to a "Communications Paused– Click To Resume" box?


That s it .... exactly this
But so .... nothing to do to improve this ...??
Thought this was totally anormal ....


.....so I m too much use to the behaviour of Axe edit III ..... really thought that there was something wrong ....
I ve lots my habits with Axe Edit II ...


I think there's a preference in Axe Edit 3, which is for Axe Fx II (there's no "Axe Edit II" - confusing but true!) that allows you to disable this behavior. Note however that you will then likely hear "artifacts" when changing things as Axe Edit stays in-sync.
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