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AX8 V6.02 Public Beta


joe rogers

AX8 V6.02 Public Beta is now available for immediate download. Please be aware that this is BETA software, and as such, may contain bugs or other unintended consequences. As with all firmware upgrades, we strongly advise you to back up your AX8 with Fractal-Bot before proceeding with the install.

Also, please read through the release notes carefully before you install.

You download the Beta Firmware here:

AX8 V6.02 Public Beta

Release Notes:

AX8 V6.02 is a minor enhancement release incorporating the Axe-FX Quantum V6.02 changes.

  • Improved speaker overdrive modeling in Amp block. New algorithm captures the “throaty” sound of an overdriven speaker along with the gentle compression. The “Spkr Drv” (Speaker Drive) parameter has been moved to the Spkr tab on the Amp menu. NOTE: If you are using Speaker Drive in existing presets you should audition these presets and adjust the parameter as necessary as the sound and behavior of the algorithm is considerably different than before.
  • Improved Drive model frequency response accuracy for models based on op-amp architectures. Models now behave with near-perfect accuracy even when Drive control is set to extreme values.
  • Updated “BB PRE” Drive model.
  • Added “TIMMY” Drive model.
  • Optimized DRIVE Block, gaining a performance increase of approximately 1%.

  • Fixed “PI FUZZ” output level too low. The Drive and Level tapers have also been changed so any presets using this model should be auditioned and adjusted accordingly.
  • Fixed wrong capacitor value in “Esoteric ACB” Drive model. Any presets using this model should be auditioned and the model deselected and reselected to reset the internal parameters.
  • When “DISPLAY LARGE PRESET” is set to “ALWAYS”, the display now correctly updates when renaming the preset from both AX8-Edit and the STORE screen.


How do the controls on the Timmy model correlate to the real pedal? Drive and level are self explanatory but do the high and low cut behave the same?
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