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AX8 Tone Match - Yes (Sort of!)


Hey all... pursued a thought and wanted to share the outcome...

Can you Tone Match (TMA) on an AXE8? No - not in its current state but here is what you can do if you have a AXE FXII or know someone who does.

I just came home from a week's vacation and was walking the beach and decided to put on one of my favorite bands from the 80's - XYZ. I always thought that Marc Diglio had fantastic tone and wondered how can I get this tone on my AXE8? After all... currently the AXE8 does not have th tone match block.

Well, I kept my AXE XL II for home recording purposes and wondered how could i translate a Tone Matched preset to my AXE8. Well, on the 3rd page of the TMA block you have the EXPORT page. I exported the TMA as a User cab preset and transferred that preset to the AXE8 using the same preset but inserted my new User Cab in place of the TMA block. Voila! My Axe8 now has a great XYZ preset which really captures Marc's tone!

In case anyone was interested, Marc apparently used a 1969 Marshall modified by Jose Arredondo so I used the HBE V1 amp as my starting point to get me close. his is what I used for the TMA and the match EQ was pretty flat.

I captured 2 songs with slightly different TMAs which are now User Cab blocks.

1. Inside Out
2. H H Boogie

Enjoy and I hope you can get some use out of them!


  • U0165_XYZ INSIDE OUT.syx
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  • U0166_XYZ HH BOOGIE.syx
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