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AX8 to a Headrush FRFR 1x12

From what I read, the Atomic seems to get the best reviews but I don't like that wedge look. Too weird looking for me. My Friedman looks just like the tube amps I've played all my life. The only negative review it gets that I agree with is that it's a little to dark, not bright enough however I clean that right up with my Fractal. I can dial in whatever I want with my AX8 so given that, I'd gig with nothing less.


I use my 108 for rehearsal only, a Friedman ASC-10 for gigs. Personally, the Friedman looks and sounds like a bad ass old school tube amp and sound is incredible so I'd not want to use anything but that at a gig. However, next gig, I'm running my AX8 to FOH and will use my Headrush as a monitor.
Sorry couldn't help answer much. Also has alot to do with how hard your drummer hits and the venue.

it would be just for rehersal. Live would be just my stage monitor when needed (and allowed) bacause I plan to go direct to foh with fm3


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Agreed. I've had my FRFR-12 for nearly a year now and enjoying it. When in my rehearsal studio, I use mostly in conjunction with my Alto TS308 (which is nearly identical to the Headrush FRFR-8) for my stereo effect. For months now, anyone coming over to hear us are amazed at the sound. Great investment for the price.
im really glad to hear that. Im currently running an AX8 into FX return of an EVH 5150III EL34 into a Carvin Steve Via 4x12 Greenbacks i got from Gtr center for $225 because someone never checked to see what these cost, but i digress.

Got a running argument with my brother about using a cab in the fractal if you are running into a speaker cab. It would be like taking the signal straight from the first speaker cab, miking it, and then sending it to another speaker cab. He doesn't think you can get a good metal sound going direct, and unless i am missing something, that is all these powered speakers are and I could use any powered speaker for my amp. Obviously some are going to be better for certain styles, etc. But despite my inability to get to the point, I was just about to get a Headrush speaker. Frankly, since you make the best there is as far as im concerned, why not make a freaking power amp or powered speaker that is specifically designed for this unit??? Please???? That would be so freaking cool, and we would all NEED one... or two. Peace. Fractal for life!


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I just got an AX8. Has anybody used the Headrush pair for studio purposes as well as PC sound for listening for music at low levels in a spare bedroom?


The Headrush powered cabs are too loud for low level bedroom volumes(I have two in stereo for live), get yourself a decent pair of studio monitors and you are set...I have both the Presonus Eris 8 and a smaller set of Mackies both sound great for PC based monitoring although the Presonus do have more headroom and can get very loud when needed. My office / studio desktop rig is my PC, AX8, Presonus Studio Live Mixer with the Presonus Eris 8's and you can mix any input with the PC and also use the Presonus Studio Live as a digital interface (it also comes with a light version of Studio One that is a very good software recording program). My brother has the same exact rig for studio except he has the AXE III. You can NOT tell the difference between the two...hope that helps ;-}


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Thanks! It's seems very simple and inexpensive, but I had concerns about its power capabilities. I wasn't sure about low volume quality for regular PC use.

Andy Eagle

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If you have any experience of a good amp Headrush is not going to do it for you. Axe in to a Headrush is a bit like putting a Ferrari engine in a Skoda and pretending that's a good idea. Headrush is at best an old Peavey bandit in a wedge, don't waste your money save up for a decent FRFR .
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