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Wish AX8 successor wishlist


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Starting this thread so that wishes and ideas for the future version of the Ax8 can be collected and easily consulted by FAS developers and hopefully make their way to the final hardware, if and whenever it happens (hoping it's not already too late)

I'll start with what I would like to see implemented:

- More powerful CPU (this is obvious but probably no need to have the same power of the Axe III, half would be enough for most users i believe).

- All blocks and features ported from the new flagship (input and output blocks, 4 channels, seamless switching, color display, extended and freely assignable footswitch funcionality, etc.)

- Headphones out

- USB audio interface and/or spdif input

- Midi block able to send several PC and CC messages at scene change and ability to use footswitches/exp pedals to send additional CCs

- Embedded bluetooth module to use PC (and hopefully phone/tablet) editor wirelessly

- Bluetooth module able to act as a Midi BLE host to easily connect to "slave" devices like Yamaha MD-01, quiccosound mi.1, etc

- USB host port to connect class compliant midi devices, external storage to load pre-recorded loops or samples, etc..

- Vocal specific filter/drive effects (megaphone, radio, robot, etc..)

Possibly all this and more for a 500$ price point :p

Feel free to add your reasonable or unreasonable wishes too!
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-Dont really care for amp control knobs, let them be assigned to the user needs.
Yeah, I think something like the new performance page in the axe III makes dedicated amp knobs almost useless. Would be nice to have more than 5 knobs though (space permitting)


I would be happy to replace my 8 with a unit that had enough CPU that it wasn't a limit, a little more legible screen and above all, channels or other features that minimize switching gaps. Having thousands of cab IRs, more amp models and a lot more effects doesn't really matter to me (now). I am perfectly happy with the options the AX8 gives me today. Of course, that might change if I sat down with a III.


Really have no issues with the AX8. Not sure what more you can put under the hood to keep the price-point where it is at without morphing into the AXE III.

My one request - Just have seamless switching between the X and Y blocks would make it perfect. Hopefully there is an update in firmware to solve this


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The complete wishes forum could be considered a wish list for the MK2. No need for an extra thread.
I suppose all wishes for the ax8 are software related since the hardware can't be changed with a Fw update, so there's definitely at least one good reason for this thread.


- USB audio interface
- More effect loops
- Headphones out
- Better display: bigger with big blocks with editable names for each footswitch
- Scene naming
- More drive/comp pedals (or preset configs of the current blocks for emulating know ones)


I'd be missing only the ability to run 2 amps in one preset. Just that, really.

Headphones out and audio interface would be nice addition though...

Generally, I expect rather FAS releasing AX8 mark II, than anything close-to-AXE FX III in floor format anytime soon.

I do hope they would keep the 2 product lines alive in this way.. That would be great!


-Improved screen would be GREAT.
-Making the footswitches more logically match what is going on... maybe scribble strips would accomplish this, or maybe another route is better. But when someone else plays my Ax8 I shouldn't have to explain so much, and the way your eyes have to move from the screen to search out the correct footswitch is a bit awkward. It uses an extra neuron that shouldn't have to be used. Maybe saying "logically match" isn't right, cause what we have is very logical. It's just... awkward, imo.
-Scene naming, but also pedal naming (what is drv exactly? drive 1 or 2, and what pedal type is it?) Again, one of those things I have to walk people thru which shouldn't have to happen. Putting semi permanent aftermarket labels on footswitches and then always using the same layout is a workaround, but really a software/UI solution makes a lot more sense.
-Good idea to make the knobs user definable... as that is where the III went, I'd think it's likely. And then if someone really wants BMT always there, it's just up to them to globally assign it. Also, have the knobs align with the screen- the current A-E knobs are offset from the screen, another source of awkwardness to me.
-I'd seen someone mention making the knobs push in to be recessed to avoid damage. Could be good, but having a push function to the knob instead may also be nice. Dunno.
-A bit more horsepower under the hood never hurts!
-Headphone out w volume control would be handy.
-I could see benefits with Bluetooth, and improved midi, though these wouldn't be dealbreakers for me. But it would certainly set it apart from the Ax8.
-Depending on layout, keep the handle. It's some degree of protection, and, well, it's a handle!
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Obviously if there is ever a new model it will include many of the updates that are going into the III. And I would guess that the price point could probably come in around the same as the Ax8. Each of the AFX models has been around the same price when released - it would make sense that a new floor model could achieve this too, although I don't know any of the particulars.

- The new screen. I think there would be room even if they kept the current overall form factor - although I don't know what space it would need on the inside for the screen or for any other parts.
- Gapless/seamless switching
- Scene naming (and the ability to see the scene names on-screen while you're playing - then you always have confirmation you've got the right sound)
- Customizable Scribble strips
- More horsepower for more fx per preset, even if not as much as the III. I could still run w/ one amp block, if you had 4 channels that would be plenty. I know there would probably be an issue w/ cooling requirements.
- USB interface - I don't need 8x8, even just the 4 like on the AFXII would be great.
- Headphones out
- User definable knobs (with small scribble strips there as well so you know what the functions are)
- Easier navigation - the current AX8 setup is awkward. Shift-page or Shift-nav? D or E knob? etc are confusing. The new screen and related functions from the III would probably solve a lot of that if they were ported over.
- Make the save from Vol Incr/Decr instantaneous like on the AxeFx. That function is SO useful to fix a level that's off, but it's hard to time the gap well when you're playing live. (this gap is *way* longer and more noticeable than any x/y switching)
- I could also go with it being slightly wider, to accommodate a couple more IA's so we can take advantage of the extra fx in a preset.


Another thought...
The pedal inputs have some minor voltage fluctuations when nothing is plugged into them which have led to various folks having uncommanded wah activations when set to autoengage. Is this something that can be altered, or is that volt flux just standard for these connectors and we just have to live with it? Anyway, just a passing thought...


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Another thought...
The pedal inputs have some minor voltage fluctuations when nothing is plugged into them which have led to various folks having uncommanded wah activations when set to autoengage. Is this something that can be altered, or is that volt flux just standard for these connectors and we just have to live with it? Anyway, just a passing thought...

I always wondered why the control signal is not simply tight to GND or Vref when nothing is plugged, standard TRS sockets allow this so I guess one could mod his AX8 to do this. But maybe there's a good reason not to do so.
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