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AX8 SPDIF Recording Sample Rate Question


Hi everyone

So I am using the ax8 spdif out (via a converter) into the optical in on my UAD Apollo Twin Duo. In cubase, I am running a project set to 96khz, as is my Apollo Twin, and I am getting sound from the AX8 no problem. It records too.

My confusion is that I thought I read that the AX8 only can record out in 48 kHz. In other words, I didn't expect it to work with my setup -which means I don't understand something.

Why is it working when my interface and project are set to 96 Khz? It stops working if I change the sample rate to 192 kHz. Maybe the ax8 outputs 96khz after all...


You probably have "SR Convert" (Sample Rate Conversion) enabled on the Apollo. So, it's upsampling the AX8 to 96k.



Thanks for your response.

It looks like the SR convert is off, yet it still has sound and records no problem.

Its weird, but it works -and my Apollo is set to 96Khz, internal clock. The digital input is set to Spdif

I toggles the SR convert on, still worked. I toggled it off again, and again, it still works.

Maybe the AX8 is 96Khz?


wow, the clock source on the apollo is set to internal, and you don't hear any pops or clicks in the axe channels?

I ALWAYS have to set my clock source to spdif coax when I'm recording direct. (Not with an apollo, but same idea with my apogee HW


Ya, its really weird. I even looked up the specs on the converter I'm using, and it operates at 44 and 48 kHz

So it definitely seems that the sample rate of the signal going into my UAD Apollo Twin is 48 kHz. Yet everything still works when the interface is set to 96 kHz, with SR convert off, and the clock set to internal. No audible pops or clicks. Records perfectly, no pitch issues either.

At any rate, I switched the Apollo to 48 kHz, as well as the project settings in Cubase. I also set the clock source to external spdif.

Still works as expected, but confused as to why the other setting works as well.
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