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AX8 preset on AxeFXII


That's a shame, some players will own both units and create presets on the AX8 that they would like to use on the AxeFx.


Fractal Fanatic
I've got a feeling it won't be that hard of a transition. Most of the same blocks are there (as far as we know at this point), so you can just transpose your settings. For those who use tones and tones of presets per night, it might be a load, but for guys like me that cover the night in about 10 presets, it will just be an evening of programming and go.

They share some things, and you'll get the same sound, but they get to that point on the map by different roads.


Owning both the AxeFx and the AX8 is really the *only* option.

Those with the AX8 only won't be able to use any AxeFx presets.

You can't bring up AxeFx presets in AxeEdit to save blocks (for importing into the AX8) unless you own an AxeFx.


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Good point! AxeFx is here... waiting now on the other half of the equation.

I would be surprised if it takes all that much to approximate the settings from one unit to the other. I don't recall moving anything so drastically from its default setting that a minor tweak here and there won't have me dialed in quickly. Of course, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding hasn't arrived! Now that a few are out there, I expect we'll start seeing some posts on it shortly.
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