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FS AX8 PLUS Zenrig Glow Kicks ! (Toronto, Canada) SOLD


Fractal Fanatic
Fractal Audio Guitar Effects AX8 modeler.

Great condition works perfectly. Zero switch issues. Display is in excellent condition. Underside, 1 foot has been not attached since I received it. I am the second owner. It may have gotten bumped on the foot, weak screw maybe. Nothing loose inside or anywhere. work perfectly. Reason for sale Is I received an FM3. Original box included.
This AX8 also comes with full glow in the dark ZENRIGS KICKTABS. Customize your switches easily. BONUS.
Has latest firmware. Original Box included.

$1200.00 USD
Unit Located in the Toronto, Canada area. Prefer not to ship but doable. Shipping not included. I have been on here al long time. Buy with confidence. Ebay rating can be supplied.
PAYPAL or CASH only. NO TRADES of any kind.



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