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AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

What will you do with your Axe Fx?

  • Keep it.

    Votes: 55 56.1%
  • Sell it (Sold it)

    Votes: 37 37.8%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 6 6.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Hey AX8 owners...

Hopefully you're taking this poll because you previously owned a Axe Fx XL, XL+, etc. What did you (do you plan to do) with your Axe Fx?


When my AX8 arrives, one of them will be the backup, but the Axe-FX is going nowhere. Although for smaller gigs, I can see me just taking the AX8 and leaving the "full" rig at home.


Had the Ax8, sold it..trust me it was killer. BUT i had so many blocks in my Axe II presets it was hard to recreate a few of my patches without having it overload the cpu.. So i stuck with my II. If there is an ax8 II in the future with a processor that can handle more cpu usage ill probley buy it. Actually I didn't save that much more time setting up my axe II rig vs. the 8, maybe i just have it down were i can set it up very fast for what i have.


New Member
Sold my Axe FX II last year while the value was still there. Absolutely loved it, but thinking about getting the AX8 or FX8. Just waiting on the sidelines with S-Gear for now.


Fractal Fanatic
Sold A2 MkII n using real Marshall HJS head with FX8. Then when invite arrives get the Ax8 for recording and sometimes gigging.


Kept my AxeFx II mainly at home for studio recording and home practice. My rig is set up in my studio so I can just flip a switch and start recording or practicing right away.

The AX8 lives in a pedalboard bag ready for the next gig.


Fractal Fanatic
Got the AX8, but don't consider it to be an "upgrade" from the Axe-FX II. The Axe-FX II is still my "A" rig, and the AX8 is a grab-and-go for rehearsals or small club dates.


I sold my Axe Fx II to get the AX8 - I wanted a floor pedal to begin with and it was announced like a week after I bought my rack.

I love, love the size of the AX8 - and it makes no noise at all. My Axe Fx II was a little noisy with the fans.

I think I'll be happy with this setup - until they release a AX8(9 or whatever) that has the same power as the Axe Fx. That's what I'd like to see - just have two fully featured units (rack and pedal) and you can choose which for the same price (or close to the same price).


I'm undecided, but I'm thinking that I'm gonna sell the II as well as my LF+JR+ controller. My presets tend to be relatively simple, I only have 1 that goes up to maybe 80% CPU usage.

I was debating keeping the II in my studio rack with the USB connected to my hub and the SPDIF permanently wired to my interface for recording, but that's a lot of money to keep around for a simple convenience...plus if i sell both I might actually come out ahead! Not sure what axe-II prices are these days.
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