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AX8 Headphone Socket


New Member
I thought this needed a 'Bump' as I've only just found this simple fix myself.

For home practice I normally connect to my mixer which allows backing tracks and of course the use of headphones. Lately I've just been wishing for something even easier... just for playing.

In an old thread Larry mitchell mentioned he has used this method. HOSA YMP-434.jpg

Works really well and makes me connect to the AX8 more regularly. I had to switch the out db to +4 (normally-10) but now I have a headphone socket .
The HOSA YMP-434.
Thanks for sharing since I was just looking into options for a headphone amp for my new AX8.

I had found a few at Sweetwater for I believe around $30 but this is a much cheaper solution :)
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