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Bug? AX8 FW10 Hang when USB unplugged



I'm using AX8 FW10 with AX8 Edit running in my MBP. The USB port of MBP is Type-C and I use Apple USB-C to USB adapter and a general USB cable to connect.

Last night I found the AX8 hang while I disconnect the USB-C connection. It happened twice.

When it happens, the AX8 Edit is running. I didn't test it with other FW versions.

Maybe it is a bug. If any more test I can do, please inform me.

Ken Balangue

New Member
something the same happened to me, while playing live, i used the fracpad via usb so i can tweak if needed, ax8 hung and i have to restart in the middle of the set, lucky its in between songs
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