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AX8 & FracPad ...go wireless


New Member
hi everybody
I’m a new AX8 user for only couple of weeks, still learning, trying and so on...I enjoy.
Yes, sounds great, I had a GT100 before, it’s nothing to compare in sound quality !!! But it is another discusion.
I downloaded a FracPad app from Appstore and with my iPad with USB cable it works perfectly, but want to go wireless. As the recommended BT adapter (UD-BT01) is no more available (production finished) I’m trying to find another suitable.
I found UD-WL01 which works with MIDI devices but not sure if with AX8 too.
It works through WIFI connection.

Do somebody have opinion with it ?


New Member
Yes I already have the UD-BT01 (ordered from ebay). It works good, only had a little problem because installing this Yamaha device requires som special app which yuo have to install on iPad. It should be simply “plug & play” but after reading some discussions how to install everything goes normally.
Why we will do things easier when they can be complicated ? ;) ...yamaha
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