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AX8 family in Germany in June?

Larry Mitchell

E7CC4A5E-878B-4648-B47C-D87C9002637F.jpeg hello Fractal friends, family and those looking thinking about getting an AX8 and wanting to hear one live. I’m in Germany (Hamburg at the moment) doing a few private and some small clubs solo. Come hang and let’s talk AX8 Tone’s and techniques. If your close by come hang. I have Monday and Tuesday night bar gigs that will probably be low turn out, if there’s enough AX8 user in attendance we can turn it into a AX8 question and answer when possible.

I’m here. With my Knaggs. Fraqpad on my iPad and thank you big time to Sussi at G66 I have a AX8 and EV-2 to use while here.

I don’t believe there is a cover for any of the public shows. Hope to meet some of you.
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