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AX8 effects only in loop - excessive noise


For one of my setups, I use the AX8 in the effects loop of my Budda SD45.

- when using regular pedals in loop of amp, it is dead quiet

- as soon as I pop the AX8 in the loop of the amp, I hear a ton of 60 cycle hum.

- is there any tricks for reducing this?

- signal chain:
guitar to amp input
Amp effects send to AX8 input 1
AX8 output 1 to amp effects return

Output 1 knob maxed

- I have not messed with any noise gating or I/O settings as I don’t know what is optimal

I also use an FXL block occasionally in the AX8, but makes no difference one way or the other



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I've had amps that needed them and others that were okay without. Worth a shot to see if it will help, they're pretty simple to make if you can solder or know someone who can.


running a Humbuster cable (vs. regular guitar cable) between AX8 output and amp effects loop return solved the problem.

Dead quiet now.

Thanks for the suggestion
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