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Wish AX8-Edit - on/off block button (for touch screen PC)


Using tablets with a touch screen and windows system (eg dell 2-in-1 models: latitude 7275, latitude 5290 etc.) you can use the AX8Edit with finger sensationally - change settings, move blocks, etc. Its really working so nicely, "on-line" (without a mouse, without a keyboard, without removing the pick from the hand, quickly and pleasantly).
The only action that can not be done quickly and easily - is block activation / deactivation :(

I know that this is done with the SPACE key (but the keyboard is required for this), or you can do the right mouse button on block and select appropriate positions from the menu (which is much longer and not so easy on touch screen tablets).
The ideal idea would be to add a button to each block, which pressing would turn on / off by block.

There is a cool place in the lower left corner:

Adnotacja 2019-03-16 115124.png


I am pretty sure double clicking/tapping a block will change the bypass state as well.
You probably have not tried this on a tablet of this type, quickly, during the game, right? You would know then that it does not work too well;)

You can also use FracPad for free on Windows tablets
Yes, You're right, we can use FracPad, this feature works great there.
Some others are not. And that's why a great solution would be to add such a simple push button to AX8-Edit so that it gets closer to the ideal (that's the thread "Wish" - You noticed?)


Really? I did not know, I started to use - and it works quite well :)
I use it on a tablet with Windows, only a fast and convenient on / off for a bypass block is missing.
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