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AX8- Delay on toggle an effect

Edson Guidetti

New here
Hi, everybody.
I've just bought an AX8 and I'm a little disapointed about the delay on turning on/off the effects. Is that something to do to get the changes between effects fast?



What delay? By default the switches engage on the release of the switch because it has to determine if you are holding the switch. Tap the switch quicker, or turn off the Hold for XY function in the Setup menu. The manual describes this.


You may also try setting bypass mode to 'Mute FX in'.
Then it does not apply any more signal to the delay but will keep the trails. I usually use that on Delays instead of 'Bypass'.
Be aware that, whyever, the option suvked 2dB on the Multitap-Delay.
Might be an issue, but I have to verify that.
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