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AX8 CPU limitation amount


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I know, I'm sure this has been gone over and over. What is the safe CPU amount? I had a high reverb and it had always been good. CPU was 79-80. Suddenly I looked back at AX8 Edit and the reverb block was disabled with an exclamation point. Hm. So I changed it to a normal reverb. I futzed around a little, Stereo Ultra Hi Cabs. I know. But the CPU still indicated it was around 83. It worked fine. Several minutes later the reverb was disabled again. Hm. I clicked it on/off and it was fine. CPU says 74 now. OK. I replaced a Wah Block with a Rat pedal. CPU says 89.

Is there a CPU limit you safely won't go beyond? You know, like you hit 80. Or 90. Too high, or can you safely push it until 99%?


Would like to know tis as well. One of my heavier CPU preset is at 84%. Everything is ok, but when i use looper the reverb will be disabled.


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keep in mind things like modifier can ran cause CPU spikes also if you are at say 80% then say switch an block to a y state that y state might increase cpu

joe rogers

As you all know, lots of different parameters, controllers, etc. can cause variation in your CPU utilization. Also, playing your guitar will bump your CPU as well. So, if you are looking at the utilization while your input is quiet, then you should plan on a 2% - 3% increase when you start playing. The cutoff for CPU is 90%. This cutoff prevents audio glitches, and provides enough CPU for low priority activities. While there are no hard and fast rules, due the dynamic nature of the AX8, I typically try to keep utilization below 87% - 88%. Even then if you're not careful, you can find ways to push up the CPU enough to disable an effect.

In general, I try to use my presets in all their various configurations while in rehearsal or at home. It's always wise to ensure you're not going to have CPU issues on stage.


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Is there a CPU limit you safely won't go beyond? You know, like you hit 80. Or 90. Too high, or can you safely push it until 99%?
Personal experience, yes 80-85% is where I keep my ceiling. As @geetarplayer mentioned, having AX8-Edit connected and live will make the Reverb block especially consume more processor even if "Communication Paused" is engaged. You could try also pressing F8 or FNC+F8 (Mac) to pause communication for testing to see if that improves for some of it.

Do you use a Comp block? If so, try ditching that also, I literally never need one for my presets. Cheers.


Isn't it also true that a little more CPU is used while connected to AX8Edit ?
Thanks a bunch for reminding me of that!

I've been finding that some of my patches w/ 75%-ish CPU still go into "flanged-vocoder zone". I'm gonna remember to unhook AX8-Edit, and see about that.
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