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AX8 - Any Updates?


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You didn't miss any announcements, if that's what you're asking.

I think the point of "just [leaving] it" is that future announcements will be unprompted.
We're not opening a waitlist until the time is very near. Otherwise, people complain that they're on a list with no updates!

So this is your update then: there's no update. (But a lot of hard work and great results are happening behind the curtain...)
This is what's known as cause and effect. Bitch about being on a wait list <valleygirlvoice>like forever</valleygirlvoice> with no daily updates, don't get to be on a wait list. LOL.


And I agree, titanium is the best solution. Crazy durable and crazy light at the same time.
Maybe the best solution if you're okay with a considerable price increase just to save a little in weight. I've worked in machine shops and metal fabrication for a good part of my life and am fairly sure the cost of tooling and labor to work with titanium, let alone the price difference between steel and titanium, would run the price through the roof.


So the AX8 will have a 'dadbod'? lol, who cares. AX8 weight is so low on the priority list that it pains me to see it discussed for this long.


Looking through the post I couldn't find the answer to wether or not it will have midi in/out, also it would be cool to have the relay switch like the fx-8 for 4cm use.


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To be fair if you think an Axe FX II in a rack case is really heavy you should get in your car and drive to your nearest weight room and pick things up and put them back down again, repeatedly and about 4 or 5 times a week until you dont feel that way anymore! :D
No way, us guitar players are such dainty li'l b*tches. ;)

Seems like every time rack gear or tube amp discussions come up everyone has some kind of medical condition to trot out such that they "can't" deal with heavy gear (if I were a chiropractor I'd surf guitar forums for customers). Don't get me wrong, some people have legitimate health concerns and weight is a huge inconvenience and the more you travel with your stuff the more you'll value portability but to get the epic toanz sacrifices must be made! 8) And, TBH, some of the things I have seen people complain about over the years are HARDLY heavy if you have hit puberty and are able bodied for the most part.

I can't IMAGINE the AX8 weighing too much for me personally if the form factor is what I think it is... unless it was made of uranium or something.
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I think 3-4kg is ideal weight for AX8. And I'm sure this is possible even without titanium. Steel chassis of quite thin steel (much thinner than AXE FX 2's chassis), but reinforced inside by reinforcement plates. It still will be indestructible.

And I think anyone who don't care about weight of his/her equipment - do have cars or drive to rehearsals by taxi. Sorry guys, not all people are like you.
Haha :) Actually, Line6 stuff is quite heavy too. Take a POD HD500 and walk with it, guitar, bag of cables etc for about 3-4 kilometers through the city by foot. Especially at hot summer day :)
Yes, that would be cool)) But iPhone apps doesn't sound as good as AXE :) I just can't understand why everybody think it should be a choosing between "best sound but heavy" and "not to good sound but light"? It is POSSIBLE to do "best sound and lightweight"!


Its because dsp's take power, power needs transformers, and even more than that, music equipment need to face the trials and tribulations of on-the-road, so it needs to be metal and robust

Now on saying that, could fractal gear be lighter... probably.

Would i like to see fractal spend more time/effort/focus on the small market share that buys lighter stuff to walk between gigs, over the quality of the product... no


Sorry man - I know FAS has a track record of listening to its customers and implementing our ideas, but that only happens when there's 1) a bug that needs fixed, 2) FAS thinks it improves the product enough to justify the change, or 3) a large consensus of customers want something... I think if a large consensus of customers wanted the AX8 to be as light as possible, they would have chimed in by now (but they haven't).

You've made your point, Cliff even replied to it - so he's DEFINITELY read your request. It's time to hang up the keyboard and discuss something else.
About transformers, DSP power etc - just open your AXE 2 and see what's inside. You will be surprised to see just few small PCBs. And any modern latest smartphone has CPUs which are faster than AXE's CPUs. So, it IS possible to make AXE smaller and lighter.
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