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AX8 and the VU meter


What is the level I should be setting my patches in the VU meter. I plan on setting rhythm patches with some headroom for boosting solos. I use AustinBuddy presets but have tweaked some. Should they just have the same dB reading? I plan to use a decibel reading app also.

I am playing a live gig with five patches for about 18 songs. They sound great so far with the band just want to fine tune.



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I set all my scenes / presets so they are on or around the line on the VU meter. On the clean sounds I look for when the transient peaks are hitting the line. I then have enough headroom for a 3db boost for solos.

With the output knob on the AX8 set to 10 o’clock that’s around unity gain.

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With the output knob on the AX8 set to 10 o’clock that’s around unity gain.
I saw an AustinBuddy video about proper volume leveling between units and I understood from there that unity gain on AX8 is reached when the knob is full on 100% (as opposed to AXE FX II units).

Could someone shed some light on this point?


I just found out that this is only valid for output 1 and only in case you set the output to -10dB nominal level.

If you compare the vu-meter of the ax8 with a vu-meter of a console that is connected to output 1 (same scale and units obvious) you should see the same results on both, if not you need to adjust the level knob to get there.

Output 2 behaves different seems. Echoing out1 to out 2 I need to set the level knob 2 to 50% to have the meters in the same level.

Hope that was helping.


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I probably should have elaborated a bit further. By unity gain I meant the AX8 is hitting around -20 to -15db on my FOH mixer (Behringer XR18). Which is roughly around unity gain on a digital mixer. That’s with the settings I described earlier in the thread.
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