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AX8: Almost bought...then I saw Tyler Grund's SRV Patch. Should I go Axe FxII?

Will Chen

If you got that SRV Hi-gain tone using 2 TS's into that Vibroverb AB, can you post it? I didn't :) .... .Eric
Ok so I followed the instructions in the SRV vid posted on the AX8. Now, given we only have 1 amp to work with I made some adjustments to taste and used a few of the stock cabs. Full disclaimer, I do not have a traditional strat. So I used my cheap SX which is a strat with a LP style bridge and a 96 MIJ Deluxe Custom Tele (Tele Bridge PU with strat middle and neck pickups). The results? With a good strat and the right technique (and I can't stress this enough, you gotta play like SRV to sound like SRV) if you want to ape SRV's tone you shouldn't have any issues. Now, the TS settings in the video (especially stacking them) didn't sound too much like that vid. I think different settings would be needed on the current firmware to get the same response or perhaps using only a single TS or even just a more neutral boost which doesn't cut out so much low end, but I didn't have enough time to dig around. What was pleasantly surprising is using this "SRV" preset with a tele bridge works very well for a hot country type of tone which is maybe how I'll use it in the future as I'm pretty far past the SRV phase.


Good info... Although you still need an interface for SPDIF, right? With the Axe Fx you can use the USB as the interface, you get stereo wet and dry tracks, and you monitor via the Axe Fx so no latency on the guitar. I guess SPDIF probably reduces latency since no A/D and D/A conversion?
Oh right, I guess I was thinking you already had an interface - yeah you gotta plug the SPDIF into something. Although I bet there are SPDIF to USB converters out there...


Fractal Fanatic
I downloaded Tyler's IR and used his settings on the Vibroverb and Super Reverb. While it didn't sound the same (I'm using a much darker sounding Strat than his, different firmware, one amp etc) it does sound pretty good to my ears. I also played around with a drive block at 50% mix to try cop the cleaner/dirtier thing with the two amps. Here's a video and the preset for anyone interested.



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