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AX8 2?

Nathan M.

I don't like integrated expression/volume pedals which is one thing that I love about my AX8. I turn my pedal outward a little and it is not directly next to the AX8, it's always positioned slightly away which I find to be much more comfortable. Also, having it as a separate unit and an option allows me to use whatever I want and I do switch them up depending on my mood.


Would like to see a smaller ax8.. Maybe leverage a single keystone processor and pack audio interface capabilities in the smallest footprint possible. Use less buttons, but compensate with channels and mapping. I agree with keeping the expression pedal separate.

Basically a tiny AxeFX3 that compliments the mini EV-1.

(...sigh, dreams)


Scribble strips are nice... and a few more iconic drive pedals would be cool (OCD, KoT). The only other things I think are central (as the AX8 is geared towards performance) are a few loops for pedals and a build in Class D power amp.
That would be possible to do in the current AX8 if they wanted.


That is a good point, just curious though of the failure rate of the EV-1. I had 4 Line 6 XT Live modelers and never had any one of the pedals fail.
I agree that that don’t all break, and probably 100% user error. But because it’s on the board, it’s just hanging out there and bam it gets caught on something and snaps off. Seen it way too much personally, so that’s just my vote *shrug*

Not a bad idea at all, as other products do have them integrated. Just not as fail safe I guess. I too angle my pedal, and having them straight up and down isn’t comfortable. The Rocktron midi pedal that’s like an MFC - heavy as heavy can be! - had a plate that angled for their attached pedal. Very nice!


Fractal Fanatic
To me it's like wanting a built-in power amp. There are so many different expression pedals (and amps) out there. Personally, I like the Mission pedals better than the Fractal pedals, so I am very happy that I am not tied to a specific expression pedal on the AX8.

Brian Coonan

When I worked as a General manager in music retail, any foot controller with a built in pedal was a nightmare when it broke. Imagine doing a gig with one or more broken pedals, it looks so silly, and you can’t do anything about it. I for one do like having them separate.
Couldn't agree more with this.


Perfectly happy with what I have! If and when FAS releases an updated floor board I will evaluate where I'm at with the AX8 and go from there. Any bigger in size and it starts to defeat the purpose I'm not interested in a unit that comes with it's own expression pedal I like to personalize my rigs!

If I had a say in the design of the next version I would make sure it had push to recess knobs, a color touch screen would be a nice feature but not a must. I like the UI on the Headrush so an implementation of something like that would be huge! Hands free editing makes too much sense on a floorboard rig, having to squat down or bend over to make on the fly adjustments is outdated.
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Todd McMullen

New here
Ax8 user for almost a year and I'm truly enjoying it! I drank the Kookaid and have 2EV-1s with the Ax8 and really enjoy them. As voiced above, I would want to keep the expression pedals separate from the Ax8ii as there are many personal preferences for expression pedals (none, 1, 2, 4 etc.) If they bring the channel technology to the next generation Ax8, the new cab block features and with a bit more DSP I'll be in line for that unit. I love the Ax8 as it has performed flawlessly for live, home practice and recording. Looking forward to watching the videos on the new AxeFX III. Keep up the great work FAS!
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I am actually in line at this point. Really love the small AX8 and the option to plug in what I want.
It's the same for a 'powered version'. May sound intriguing, but if I stand in front and need a 8m cable to a box...not an option for me. Especially with small Class D amplifiers fitting in Gigbags without problems.


Good thread... I'm sure unifying the code for the footboard model and the rack unit is an ultimate goal. So the next Ax is a when, not an if, imo. Probably a ratio of Ax8 sales decision and FAS design bandwidth. My money is on 2019, but 2018 isn't a crazy thought knowing these FAS workaholics :)
Earlier in the thread someone was commenting on the thermal properties of the new chips... If I recall that was the primary limiting factor in the Ax8 design in order to keep it fanless and beer proof. So if the new chips are more thermally efficient it would be promising for a rapid development of a more muscular Ax line product. I think that's pretty much what the previous poster was saying... I guess I'm just agreeing. And hoping. Because they are clearly with the III putting a focus on user interface on the unit itself, and I would LUV that UI attention on the next Ax!


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Active cooling and still being beer shower proof could be achieved if the air in/outlet would be at the bottom. That's probably where it's going to be on the MK2.


Fractal Fanatic
I also put my pedals on an angle, and bring them a couple inches closer so that they're easier to reach, so I wouldn't want an integrated pedal. I had a Boss GT8 w/ a pedal and it worked fine, but it was more awkward. Plus, I normally use 2 (EXP + Vol) so it's just easier for me to have two Mission pedals exactly where I want them.


New here
My vision.

At one time I chose between AX8 and FX 2 XL +, I chose FX 2 XL + because I need higher power and Tone Matching. But the floor version is still more convenient for me.

The power gap between the AX8 and FX3 is 4.3 times. At the same time as between the AX8 and FX2 - 1.8 times. In the future, the gap between the AX8 and FX3 will increase. Therefore, an intermediate model is not necessary.

The next AX8, should be a jump in performance, at least twice. I see it as an outdoor version of AX FX 2 or even more powerful. This is logical. I believe that it is very important to maintain compatibility between AXE FX 2 and AX8-2 so that the days of creating presets are not thrown out. To complete with missing blocks, for example Tone Matching.

I expect that the power gap between AX8-2 and FX3 should be 1.8 times. Probably need to be an active cooling system.


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As of today AxeFx II presets cannot be used on the III. They might be portable using FracTool, though. Don't expect this to be any different between AX8 and its successor.


I just got my AX8 but wouldn't be disappointed if a new version came out tomorrow. It's a great unit and the current price is amazing.

If version 2.0 came out, I would hold off buying for a few months lol but when my name came up on the list, it would be a definite trigger pull. Main thing I would like to see is a Horse Power increase, channels 1-4 from the Axe III, (Tri-Chorus) along with a list of improvements the Fractal gang has already thought of that we haven't! :)


New here
I would by the new AX8 directly if available.

I have the Axe FX XL+ and this unit have more things than 8 need, for live use i use tube amps and the FX8 mk2.

I am thinking of selling my tube amps, the sound of the Axe FX XL is so good but i need something more portable.


Axe Grinder

Guess it's a bad idea, sorry.
No it's not, it simplifies things and makes perfect sense! Everyone has their own opinion, and you are entitled to yours. I still have my old Line6 X3L and I've never known anyone's expression pedal to break, but I'm sure it happens. Whether they integrate a pedal into it or not, I'll adapt and be fine either way, but it would simplify things if they did.

Axe Grinder

You never know, FAS may have designed much of a new floor unit along side the new 3. I would be surprised if they didn't, at the very least, plan how to integrate a floor unit to share some common code or other time saving elements. The surprise of the 3 release is an indication that anything posted by anyone other than a FAS employee is pure speculation.
Totally agree, some of you other guys gotta put 2 & 2 together on this, this ain't Fractal's first rodeo! With the success of the AX8, they would be crazy to not keep the next floor unit in mind when designing the III, or even straight up design it in parallel. The guts will be the same, after launch of the III they would just have to simply design the case & hardware.

The new Keystone processors replacing the aging TIGERSHARC chip tech in the II should hopefully have a much diminished thermal footprint, which should allow them to cut no corners in the floor unit CPUs also and make the cooling issue minimal. Hopefully we can find out in 2018!!
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