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Auto scene change using MIDI


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I’m using a Cymatic UTrack24 For a clicktrack to give extra Keys with my live band.
I would like to add some Axe III scene changes within the clicktracks to change my patches/scenes automatically. I have a GT16 hooked up and would like to keep it in the setup to have overall control over the Axe (as well as other units I use it to control). Would I be able to do this? Would I need a MIDI merge box or something to achieve this?
If the uTrack sends a patch/scene change to the axe will it show on the GT16?


I assume you're referring to the RJM Mastermind GT16 midi controller?

Does it currently "follow" changes made directly on the Axe Fx? In other words, if you change scenes from the front panel, does the GT16 reflect that?

If so, then it should also follow when the same change is made from another midi controller.

How does the uTrack24 connect to send midi? Over USB from a computer or via a midi cable?

If it's USB then probably no requirement (or option) for a midi merger. As long as you aren't sending midi from the the GT16 at the exact same time as midi comes from the uTrack24 then there's no real risk of midi collisions.

If it's thru a midi cable then you'd need a merge box so you can connect both to the Axe Fx.
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