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Vendor AustinBuddy's 200+ Bass TonePack for the FM3/Axe-Fx III now available!


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Hi everyone:

Time to give the bass player some love! It's out now, finally!


Working with Austin-based pro bass player Scott Nelson, we used the amp block layouts ABCD and other options along with some User Cab IRs, plus new compressors, to make a revised and updated 200+ Bass TonePack version just for the FM3 and Axe-Fx III.

(Some of you will recall this 200+ TonePack has already been available for the AX8 and Axe-Fx Mark II/Original and XL/XL+).

We dialed these in on some expensive pro mixer studio ATC 25 speakers (not CLRs) but they sound great on FRFRs.

Like the LiveGold TonePack, you get both unit versions (FM3, Axe-Fx III) for one price when you buy it.

It's one preset bank, structured like this: the first half of it covers basic bass amps, covering amp models like Ampeg, Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogies, Hiwatt, plus some others including FAS, preamps, DI signal, and Blackglass.

Often multiple bass cabs are used for tonal variation (from 1X15 to 2x10 to 2x12 to 4X10 to 4x12 to 8x10), making use on-board factory cabs but also 14 provided User Cab IRs that go into User1 Cab slots 51-64, including two IRs I mixed from a @dr bonkers collection of an 8x10 Marshall cab included with his permission (thanks Mike!). It also includes a few effects.

Each basic preset has 8 scenes. The first four scenes are basic bass amps in various gain stages:

1. Clean
2. Warm
3. Gain
4. Driven

Scenes 5-8 follow the above format (clean to driven), BUT scenes 5-8 will add a compressor (acting as a Limiter) AND add your bass DI signal to the overall signal chain.

Scenes 5-8 split the mono signal into a stereo output that is also in phase, so you can put your bass amp signal and DI signal side by side on faders (using stereo outs from Out1 or Out2) into a DAW, side by side mono tracks, and mix the sound in the DAW using the blend of faders, as done in most pro studios for recording bass.

The second part of the preset bank are artist-style presets, and these go from 1960s' to modern day. We had a lot of fun making these! These come with a style guide that specify what bass we used, fingers or pick, what pickups and volumes and tones where used and other notes to get the artist tone.

Randomly, some (not all shown) of the artist styles covered include an Acoustic Bass Emulation, tones inspired by the Who, LedZep, Rush, Tool, Flea, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, Metallica, King's X, Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Nirvana, U2, Bootsy Collins/funk, Jaco Pastorius/Jazz fusion, lots of classic rock, Texas Blues, NY session guys, LA session guys, early 60's and 70's session guys, etc.

Here are two demos featuring some artist style examples (made on an AX8 last spring):

Demo #1

Demo #2

There are over 400 unique tones in here, and by using your EARS to hear all the tones (over using your eyes just looking at preset names), I'm sure you bass players or home studio recording guitar players will find lots of clean to warm to driven to outrageous bass metal tones to love!

The 200+ Bass TonePack was created on and is available now for firmware 1.x for FM3 and firmware 14.x for the Axe-Fx III (there is also an earlier version for firmware 12.x available).

Will get some video/audio demos up soon here so you can hear it, and I've made a quick multi-part tutorial on what the 200+ Bass TonePack includes and how to install it on my YouTube Channel.

Here's the first of several tutorial videos about what's in the TonePack (see YouTube playlist):

You can buy it at www.austinbuddy.com.

This preset thread is where I can answer your questions, and will share forthcoming demos, and you guys can post your own demo clips, etc.

Thanks, and enjoy the tones!
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Hey 200+ Bass TonePack fans:

I've just done an OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE for the 200+ Bass Tonepack for both the Fm3 and Axe-Fx III.

Login to your account on my website www.austinbuddy.com, and you should see an October UPDATE in your "My Downloads" folder.

The October update doesn't really change the tones/sounds. It fixes a handful of technical things, laid out in the included one-page update/release notes.

On a few presets in the basic amp section, the DI signal chain should have been at 10 but was at 6.7. The Amp block was not always panned hard left like it should have been, which will affect the sound of Scenes 5-8 in the basic amp section. Your stereo split Scenes 5-8 will be a little hotter now too. Also, a handful of artist presets like "Enginehead" (for Lemmy /Motorhead) were leveled too hot originally.

All those changes apply to both FM3 and Axe-Fx III Versions.

More importantly, on Axe-Fx III version, it's now compatible with firmware 14.
I fixed a few drive blocks (the Suhr Riot distortion) that changed after firmware 12 so those are now working.

Be aware that is you load any bank that was saved on firmware 14.x but you are running a lower number firmware number (like 12.x), your firmware 14 loaded presets will then show blank or say "empty" -- the Axe-Fx III running firmwares under 14 cannot read presets saved in higher numbered firmwares.

Enjoy the update, let me know if you have any questions!

I'm in touch with a few bass player folks who said the want to make some demos, and we filmed one from the AX8/Axe-Fx II one that will be ready soon as well.

(Next up: a firmware 14.x update of the Brit Rock Royalty #1 Tone Pack, very soon!).


I just wanted to chime in here to say the new Bass Tonepack for FM3/AxeFX III is pretty darn cool and very useful. Dialed-in amp/cabs, plus an array of "Artist" presets that will help you zone in on particular sounds you might be looking for. This would be ideal for both cover gigs AND studio recording when you just want that something ... maybe it's Carol Kaye, or maybe it's RATM, or somewhere in between. The way the presets and scenes are arranged makes it super easy. Kudos to AB and Scott Nelson!


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Hey everyone. I did an update for the 200+ Bass TonePack.

It now works with Axe-Fx III firmware 14. Made a few various fixes, they don't really affect main tones though. Release notes explain.

If you login to your account, you should see an Update download zip file, in addition to the original download in "My Downloads" area now. Let me know if you don't see it. Thanks, and enjoy!


@cableguy - Glad you are digging the Bass Tonepack!

Love to get some of your candid feedback over in the FM3 preset section here our so your fellow bass players can hear how you are using/digging it.

We worked a long time on getting this together! Have you tried the Acoustic Bass Emulation preset yet? It sounds so close to the real deal on my Rickenbacker!

I'm really digging the AB bass pack. You did a great job. I'm still exploring it. (I haven't checked out the Acoustic simulation yet) I really like seeing how you put together the presets. (it helps me understand how to build my own better) There are many of your presets I could gig right out of the box. Most of my changes so far have been related to input gain & more high end on the eq. That could be due to my Spectors which have active preamps. I also like a tone with a lot of bite for my original 3-piece rock band. Kind of like a Dug Pinnick. (which you do have covered) I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants some great bass sounds at less than the price of a decent effects pedal.
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