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Aura Dobro IRs


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I know I posted an earlier version of these somewhere, but I can't find the thread now. In any case, now that I know a little more what I am doing, I have created a new set of IRs from the Aura Jerry Douglas Resophonic pedal. The files with "-mp" at the end of the filename were processed with the MP Transform in Voxengo Deconvolver. The user guide for the pedal (so you can see what the different setting numbers mean) is HERE.

Download Files HERE
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That's odd, it works for Safari here. When I get back to the computer I'll take another look at it.


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Here's a new link to try: HERE

've also updated the link in the original post. Let me know if this still causes any problems.


Thanks for these, they sound great. If anyone has any IRs for the guitar Aura or a D-Tar Mama Bear, that would be appreciated as well.
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