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Auditioning cabs - quickest way?


I haven't found a quick way of auditioning cabs in FM3 Edit (not thinking about cabs not already saved on the unit).

I have to either, click the # field and type which cab-number I want and the press "enter", OR click the picker-button and move the cursor to the cab I want and click again.

Is there a shortcut/hotkey for moving up/down in the cab-list here? That would be so much quicker when auditioning cabs is a major part of getting the "sound". In AX8 edit there was an up/down button, but I can't find that in FM3 edit.

(on the unit itself, I can use the value button to scroll up/down in the cablist which is good, but here I am missing the "big list" picture somewhat like the one I get when clicking the picker-button in FM3 edit. Anyone know if this exist and how to get to it? )


I also use the "pin" function in the upper right hand corner of the cab picker window so that when I click on different cabs the window doesn't close immediately, requiring me to open it again every time I want to audition a new cab. Super useful and I totally overlooked this function for the first few months of messing around with my axe fx iii!
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