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Atomic CLR


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The reported issues were with the 1st generation CLRs. The CLR is now in the 2nd generation (Mark II). It costs less, too.
BTW, support isn't poor. Support is good. The problem lies with their email platform/server.

Exactly. I purchased two of the first run CLRs and one of them had a problem, which was rectified immediately by Atomic, no problems, with excellent service. Since then, no issues to report and have been enjoying them to the max.


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I'll weigh in here too. Been at a few shoot-outs to set what's out there in past years, and always came back to the Atomic CLRs. I now have three Atomic NEO CLRs.

I literally use two of them as my studio monitoring pair, mounted on speaker stands, and for programming stereo patches or recording.

Have a third one I use on the floor abut 12 feet away, not as a wedge, but like a amp speaker cab, and use that for programming mono live patches for stage use at studio volume. I'm extremely happy with them.

Have found heir customer support to be outstanding. I had a rattle appear in one speaker, and could not isolate it, and Tom called back quick -- we figured it out together and a few screw driver twists and all was good. Never had a power failure on CLRs.

They are not cheap compared to others in the market, but, as in life, you get what you pay for.

The other FRFRs I've heard or done A/Bs with (prior to 2016 to be fair) always had a frequency area hyped that, compared to the CLRs flatness, made it easy to choose the CLRs. Now, if you like that added frequency emphasis, that's okay, but if you do A/B compare to other types you might find you don't like it as much. I think some folks design those other types to be more like guitar speaker cabs, but you really do want a close to 20h-20kFRFR as flat as possible to get the most out of your Fractal gear IMHO. I also think it costs more to get to true/close to FRFR level, and in pricing a for guitarist market there is understandably some compromise to make such things more affordable.

I'd get another one in a heartbeat. There are reportedly even better FRFRs in the market, but you'll spend thousands and thousands for them each, and they are more PA gear oriented.

Last, I also got Studio Slips to make coverings for my CLRs with pockets that work great. I literally can walk into a gig with my guitar on my back, my AX8 and exp pedal slung over a shoulder, and a CLR in one hand and it's not breaking my back!



Yes, I will chime in to say they are great, and have come to appreciate them more over time...I had issues with one of mine that took a while to resolve (mostly my doing) but as @austinbuddy experienced , Tom personally made it right and I am using it right now cranked up a bit, because the Miami Beach Air Show is taking place outside my window, and I need to match the wall-rattling of the F18 and Harrier that just roared by...........


Hi guys, I'm wondering what everyone's recent experience with Tom King at Atomic has been. I sent him an email from his site a week ago about my CLR Neo needing to be serviced on a sensitive timeframe, and I haven't heard a peep. My last encounter was the same, it took quite a bit of nudging to get a reply and get the ball rolling on communication, to begin addressing the issues and getting this thing serviced.

Once you're finally dealing with Tom, he seems to be a real nice guy. It just seems rather difficult to get a reply.
I guess I'll have to dig into my emails from a couple of years ago to find his personal email address and try that next.

So have you guys been having the same experience? How have you been able to finally get a reply?


I sent an email from their contact/support area of their website. Somewhere along the way in there it says they usually get back to you in a day or so. I'll try again and send direct to Tom as well. It just stinks you have to go through this to get replies from them is all.


Good luck, I have a support ticket from I guess December regarding issues with my 1st gen CLRs that has never been answered...and I can´t hear the lame excuse of emails going to the spam folder anymore
The support issues may only be outside of the US. I’m in Australia and have legit been waiting almost 2 years for parts. That’s with me and the Australian distributor bugging them. It took me ages just to get a response. That was trying support tickets, and even Facebook. When I finally got a response, they told me to get the Australian distributor to get in touch (he already had been) to quickly sort it out. That was Jan 13....2018.

I message the distributor every few weeks for an update. Last positive news was in Dec when Tom said parts were coming. Still nothing.

Both cabs have the same issue.

The support issue is a real thing.

They’re amazing cabs, about the best sounding on the market with the AFX IMO, and I wish I still had them, but buyer beware.


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When people call Tom out online he seems to respond, otherwise, not so much.

Send him a link to this thread to get his attention.
Yeah, I might do that. I’ve been holding off going the whole shaming route, but it’s definitely gone well beyond any amount of time you could reasonably expect for a resolution.
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