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Atomic CLR vs Matrix FR212


Does anyone have experience of how these 2 compare against each other ?

Have a matrix gt1000fx and looking at FRFR route with either the new matrix cab or an active atomic CLR and ditching the gt1000fx

Any opinions, experiences welcomed. Thanks

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Fractal Fanatic

I owned the CLR and after two gigs I returned it for a number of reasons .. main one was that I found it very difficult to dial in. I switched to the Matrix GT1000FX with their Q12 passive FRFR cab and for me it was night and day. The Matrix set up was much easier to dial in and it felt like it was designed with a guitar player in mind. I loved it.

I am currently gigging with the Matrix GT1000FX and a pair of their NL12 cabs (which are not FRFR).

when I first plugged into those it was one of those holy shit moments. They sound absolutely amazing with every amp sim you throw at them. I use the NL12s without cab sims.

I have not tried their FR2x12 but from what I understand they will be featured at the Dutch Axefest tomorrow so I am sure you will get plenty of comments on it.

Hope this helps.


My advice- try both for yourself. Search the threads and you will find users that experienced both (make sure they are users with some viable credibility too!!!!!)
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