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FS Atomic CLR Active Wedge


Selling to downsize my rig, always worked great and to me was the best FrFr monitoring solution i've personally owned. Its been gigged and has some scuffs and tears but works great. I've owned a Friedman ASM and also a Matrix Fr212 while i had this. I sold those and used this. This is one of the original versions not the neolight version. Any questions just ask!

Asking 550 shipped CON US


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Fractal Fanatic
I’ve been looking for the Neo version for a while. What’s the weight on the original version? I’ve had it before and I remember not liking the weight.


Fractal Fanatic
The Neos are 33lbs & if I remember right, they are 13lbs lighter than the original. Not a huge difference but every pound helps when you're old!o_O
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