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Atomic Amps - "Coincident Linear Reference" Designed by Jay Mitchell

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
This is... well, interesting.

I know that Atomic's been relatively quiet now for a few months and I've gotten emails and questions about what they are doing.

I know they have been really busy on R&D on new solutions... but didn't know when it would be announced.

They didn't show at NAMM this winter. I just saw a post from them on their Facebook page yesterday that said, "Atomic Amps - The 2012 NAMM show has come and gone but not all new products announcements have been made."

Today on their Facebook Page it said: "Atomic Amps - Atomic's future is CLeaR!"


So what are they up to?

ZenRigs Man

Fractal Fanatic
Watching with interest.... My faulty RCF NX12 has been collected and they aren't getting any more in stock until mid-feb, from which point I'll have 30 days to decide if I want to keep it or not..

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!


Fractal Fanatic
LOL! :lol

I was thinking the same thing Sean! :D




What about Center, Left, Right?
Maybe he's got something cooking for wdw setups?
Maybe even in a single chambered cab? :)


Power User
Maybe a new tube amp design with a clear front panel? Or maybe a stereo head with an Axe Fx slot?
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