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Implemented Assign Vol Incr and Vol Decr to external switch


Fractal Fanatic
+1000!!! I think I remember reading a while back that this will be available on the FC6/12 but not implemented by midi. Hopefully, that will change.


Fractal Fanatic
I think this is a key feature of Axe Fx. I use it every gig, for subtle volume changes between presets. It would be really hard without this feature.


Official G66 Support
+1 ...
Searching for the MIDI/Remote CC# entries for OUT1/2 Vol. Increase and OUT 1/2 Vol. Decrease was my first thought when installing FW1.12. Unfortunately nothing was found. Hopefully such a control function may not only reserved for the FASLINK II protocol ;)


If this has been implemented for FC12/6 I would been very grateful if someone could help because I cannot find how to do set it up with my FC12.
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