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Wish Assign color to preset name shown on FM3 display and FM3-Edit


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Hi everybody!
I tried to search on this forum but it seems that nobody issued such a request so far.
It would be good to have the possibility to assign a color to a preset name. At the moment the preset name on FM3 display and FM3-Edit is shown in yellow. What if we could have the possibility to choose from a palette of colours?
For example:
  • if i want to group presets specially tailored for single coil pickups i would choose green color and use red color for humbuckers. Someone uses a * prefix for single coils, that would not be necessary anymore.
  • use yellow for factory presets and cyan for my own customised presets.
  • use a different color for purchased presets.
  • use one color for high gain presets and another color for classic rock, etc.
Of course this would not apply to the preset name displayed on FC-6 or FC-12 connected to the FM3, being a LCD display
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Ottima idea sarebbe utilissima per poter interagire in modo più semplice e veloce.

Great idea would be very useful to be able to interact more easily and quickly.;););)
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