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Whos using them and what do you think? I caught Pete Thorns TY vid reviewing them and it got me thinking. I mainly use a Wedge pretty much anytime I play out or in the Cave but lately I have been wondering if it would be worth the $$$ to buy a set of these just in case I came across a gig where I can't use a wedge.


Tom Morris

Power User
You know its a fantastic idea, it solves a problem that anyone that's ever used IEM before knows well the disconnect from band mates audience and so on. Personally Another belt pack is a turn off. Will be nice one day when all this is built into one wireless system that handle a couple guitar inputs your IEM a mic. One can dream.


Fractal Fanatic
to get more feedback from the audience my band puts up an extra mic up facing towards the crowd. I know some people just plug one headphone in to fix this issue. worst idea.
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