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Artists you would like to see using Fractal


Fractal Fanatic
You know... I saw Jeff Loomis @ Slims in SF last Friday.... He was playing a Kemper.... He needs to work on that thing a little more. Couldn't hear him too well. Might have been the soundboard.

So yeah ...

Jeff Loomis
Tracy G
Nuno but planting the old extreme stuff.
he was? with who? solo?


brent mason, keith urban, brad paisley for the country side of things...
John mayer,jeff beck, EVH,...too many to name....



I`d kill for presets by Lynch,Vai,Steve Stevens,Brian May,EVH,The Hellecasters,Gordie Johnson,Slash,Reb Beach,Phil Collen.....Nevermind,I could go on and on.Hell I`d even pay for `em.


Power User
... and 4 pages into this thread, nobody has mentioned ...

Brian May

Now THAT would be something. "Hello Vox? I have 873 AC-30's I'd like to return - where should I send them?"



Jon Herington
Jimmy Herring
Wayne Krantz
Steve Lukather
David Grissom
Eric Johnson
Frank Gambale
Lyle Workman
... I could go on, but I'll stop here.


Power User
The day Eric Johnson gives up his amps and pedals and uses only the Axe FX for all his live performances will be the day the Axe FX has finally achieved perfection.

Eric Johnson
Jeff Beck
Brian May
David Gilmour
Jimmy Page
Steve Vai - already uses the Axe FXII for effects only
Joe Satriani - apparently used the Axe FXII on parts of his newest CD
Adrian Belew - already uses the Axe FX
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