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Art sla2 and Matrix FR212, compatible?


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Hi. Are theese devices compatible?

I'm planing to use the axe with Art sla2 in bridge mode to power the Matrix Fr212. Is this posible?

And If I like it I might be using another FR212 for stereo. Would this be posible?

I've never really understood the watts, RMS, Ohms, etc...


According to the tech specs, the SLA2 can be used in bridge mode to deliver 560W into an 8ohm load.
The FR212 is available either in 4ohm or 16ohm.

Not recommended to run the SLA2 bridged into a 4ohm FR212 because you are liable to cook something.

Running into a 16ohm FR212 will reduce the wattage to 280W so this doesn't give you anything above just using a single channel into a 4ohm FR212 and having the other stereo channel available to connect to another cab (e.g. another FR212)


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I would absolutely run it bridged.
Matrix is 500 Continuous, but 1000 Program.

As long as you have common sense, you won't fry anything.


Well I almost kinda agree that used moderately it MAY be fine (and everybody can have a different opinion) but...

Consider this, if the SLA2 supplies 560W bridged at 8ohms then as a consequence it has an associated Current and Volts. If you reduce the impedance to 4 ohm then not only will your Wattage double, but also your Current will double too.
Therefore the possibility of frying your output transistors on the SLA2 does exist if the speaker impedance is too low because the OTs cannot dissipate the heat buildup. Even if this doesn't happen once you roll up the volume (which is really an attenuator) you may have to consider power supply collapse.

Ultimately it is the decision for the OP to take using research outside of this forum or contact with ART themselves.

EDIT: Just to add that the SLA2 manual does state 8ohm load required for bridged operation and confuses matters by saying it is stable in bridged mode down to 4ohm?
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