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Are the subwoofer for home use doable for performance use?


Are subwoofer used on stage different than what people use in their homes?

I have the Polk audio psw 111 subwoofer and was wondering if anyone here would actually use this as their performance subwoofer.


Depends on what your trying to do...

Something that sounds great in your living room isn't going to sound great in a 500 person club, BUT, it might work fine if your playing in a small little back room or something...

Lots of home subs are like 50-100 watts and have a 8 or maybe a 10" speaker, lots of PA system subs are like 1200 to 2000 watts and often have 18" speakers..... do the math


In the context of playing live with a full band I would never consider using a sub because that strays into the realm of the bass guitar and kick drum.
Most of the presets I have created have a 12db/octave cut usually around 110Hz - getting a good live mix is about getting each instrument to have its own space so I am going to make sure I don't get in anbody elses way... with the Axe FX I have all the tools I need to accomplish that.
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