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Are pickups a big difference maker with a FM3?


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I’m interested in buying an fm3 but I am on the fence. I only have one guitar (les Paul type) and a boss katana. I do t know what the pickups are but they sound pretty versatile to my inexperienced ears. Good output in the bridge, nice and fat on the neck. I don’t want to have to worry about changing pickups/buying a new guitar to get the range of sounds. Will the fm3 be picky about what kinda guitar is being plugged in or will these humbuckers pretty much do the job I am hoping for?

If I did have to buy a new guitar, say a Mexican Strat, or something else, what would compliment the fm3 setup I would have.


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If you like the tones your pickups are providing, you will be happy with the FM3.
Thank you for your answer. It is very helpful as I don’t know what to expect before purchasing, I’ve never seen a fractal product in person. I know I am rather overwrought on the details of a purchase I already know will deliver great results, but it helps to to know that I won’t need to buy anything else!
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I wouldn't worry about it. Any of the Fractal modelers react to guitars/pickups just like any amp would.


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Each guitar or set of pickups will sound different for each preset. Most of the time you just get the flavor of the guitar or pickups. Sometimes you need to dial the preset in to match the guitar/pickups. You should be able to get a great tone with your guitar.


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I wouldn't worry about it. Any of the Fractal modelers react to guitars/pickups just like any amp would.
This. The whole point of Fractal modeling is to emulate amps to the greatest extent possible. Hence, plugging your guitar into a real Marshall vs. a Fender amp will give you the same Tonal result as plugging into an FM3 with amp models of the same type with the same settings.


One of the great things about the FM3 (or any of the Fractal modellers) is the little knob labeled input trim: That will allow you to increase the level of a low output pickup or decrease a hot pickup signal so you're hitting the preamp set to its sweet spot and driving it just the way you want. You'll get the most out of what your pickups can do.


Yes, the FM3 will sound and play different with different pickups just like an amp would. And that’s a good thing. If you like the sound of your guitar through whatever amps you’ve plugged into, you’ll only like it better through a fractal device.


The Fractal was the first for me that reacted the right way.

So many other modellers mask the character of the guitar. I collect vintage instruments so that was a real problem for me.

Not so with Fractal - my Strat sounds like a Strat, the Tele like a Tele etc
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