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Anywhere I can find some free IRs to audition withy my Ultra?

As stated in the title, I'd like to just check out some IRs just to see what they can do and also, so I can go through the exercise of learning how to get them to work through Axe Edit. Appreciate any recommendation along with anyone willing to share.


I don't know anything about the ultra, so forgive if this is out of place - just wanted to help... I assume you can convert .wav files to use on them (free version of cab lab converts to sysx to work with ultra)? If so... the world is your oyster. google for free impulse response and you will find more than you ever care to download.

there are a ton of them hosted here that are for axe fxII I don't know if those work and fxI but here it is (there is a folder for fxI but haven't looked):

hope that helps
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