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Anyway to edit the sounds/patches after recording/playing?


New Member
Hey guys,

I love my Axe-Fx but one thing I find frustrating is that I can only hear how the patch edits sound if I have my guitar in my hand, and have to constantly play the same riff over and over again to hear the differences. Is there a way in which I can record a riff, say on the Axe FX itself or my DAW, and THEN edit the patches? I really want the ability to hear how the riff sounds AS I'm editing the patch.

Let me know if you've found a work around for this. Thanks.


New Member
Thanks! That would work for hearing just the guitar, but not for hearing it with the context of the music. Is there a way I can hear the editing along with the music?


Power User
might you be able to use reamping for this? record the raw source guitar as a separate track into your DAW, then route that track back through the axe later to tweak the tone in context. I'm no expert on the subject, but there are several guides on the forum here to doing that with various routing options...


You could always two track record your PA, if you have just about everything going through it anyways. Then play that back while tweaking your axe settings.

I am also a big fan of having a pair of switches setup for volume up and down on patches. So that you can quickly tweak volume levels while playing, without having to take your hands off your guitar.
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