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Anyone Willing to Share U2 Presets


New Member
New to this forum, and I was wondering if anyone has posted any delay presets that simulate The Edge guitar settings. I just bought the Ultra and am looking to expand my preset library. I saw several people playing these through the Axe-fx on Youtube, but have not been able to find them. Thank you all for your suggestions.
Thanks! You can also email me at law@bblyth.com
You can check out some of these. Some I've spent 5 minutes on and some I've spent 2 hours on. A few are Michael's from U2GuitarTutorials.com


  • ewb_u2april12b.zip
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No problem. I use a few US Strats, a US Tele, a Gibson LP Standard, an Epi Explorer. A Line6 M13 (boostcomp, overdrive, dist, fuzz) in front of the Axe. But I place a few od in the chains that I can call up with my All Access. So sometimes I use Axe and sometimes M13 for OD FX.

One Ernie Ball VP jr for shimmer mix and whammy, one Rocktron HEX for wah control.

I only play at home through headphones (Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro).

My fave presets are based on Michael O Hare's presets. For instance the WOWY Moh (or what it's called). So I recommend checking out the patches in the Files section at the U2 guitar tutorials yahoo group. Maybe it's better to check out those and then build your own based on them instead of trying to find useable patches here


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i can't open the archive file you share , the file is corrupt , someone can share it please ?
Thank you .


Fractal Fanatic
Yes for me also please, our band is going to do "Vertigo" & I would prefer not to spend hours for tweaking (BTW : if not then shame on the public, they will simply get a new version !!)


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I am 10 years behind apparently, but these presets apparently are not supported by Fractool. (AxeFx gen 1)

any ideas on how to use them/convert them into the appropriate Syx. file (for AX8)???

even to "read" them...I definitely want to have a crack at some of them

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