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Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !


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My Masterbuilt electric smoker died earlier this week. Looking at replacing it with a vertical pellet smoker. Do any of you guys have experience with the Pit Boss vertical pellet smokers? I already have a large horizontal woodburner with a propane assist (helps keep the temp steady), but I like the vertical format for smaller cooks. The set it and forget it aspect of the pellet smokers is enticing.

la noise

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Found an whole Brisket at the store Friday for $3.99/lb. Oh yeah!
Smoked it over night, drank too much beer, and pulled it out of the
smoker to rest at 4 PM Saturday. Did the foil wrap and rest for another
4 hours and then dove in with my son at about 8:30. Was still perfectly
warm and so good! :)

Lesson learned is that fancy-shmancy rubs are not my thing. Not doing that again.
I realize I prefer simple salt and pepper rub, and maybe a light dusting of brown sugar
to further carmelize the exterior at best.


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Now I feel bad about posting that photo :(. On second thought, I've removed it.
I wouldn't feel bad, that was a mean looking rig!
Here in the SF Bay Area where I live if I had that thing burning on my porch I'd probably spend the next week in jail... LOL...

la noise

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Now I feel bad about posting that photo :(. On second thought, I've removed it.

Oh man. You need to repost that. DaveO is right. I was just having some fun with my comment. :)

My one up on you is it smells really goooooood here right now. So good I am probably keeping the neighbors awake. :)

la noise

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How do them big smokehouse joints do this? They must literally be smoking meat around the clock, 24/7.

I did one all-nighter (with a couple of naps) and I am probably gonna pay for it the rest of this week.


If you have an industrial smoker with a fan and temp sensing electronics you can set it up and let roll for 10 hours without any humans intervening. That stuff makes more and more sense as you scale up to smoking 10 briskets at a time.

la noise

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Automation for the win!! :)

There's a great series on Netflix on BBQ joints and so many of them have a human
with a shovel chucking wood into big pits, and then mopping the meats. Seems like
the labour intensive methods are what the cream of the crop still employ. I am just not
how they endure it. Must be a labour of love. :)

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