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Anyone using the Matrix CFR12 with their AX8/Axe FX? How does it compare to the FR212?


Hey Fractals,

I'm days away from getting a pair of CFR12s and I can't wait. I've always had a thing for the FR212 but here in Australia they are extremely hard to come by, let alone hear one and play one. So I've managed to score a pair of CFR12s which I will use with a solid state power amp. The good thing about having a pair is obviously the spread of sound and the extra volume and probably headroom that I will get from 2. PLUS, they can be placed in a back-line position or used as a wedge – so there’s various ways they can be used. COOL!

Having never heard them or the FR212, I am curious to know if anyone has had a chance to compare the CFR12 with the FR212? I imagine there would be more bottom-end from the FR212 given it’s more cab-like, or rather, more 2x12-like?

Any info on these, from first-hand experience would be appreciated.

NOTE, I play in an originals hard-rock band with another guitarist who uses his Mesa Roadster in 4CM with his Axe-ii, which is quite a loud and punchy setup, so I ideally I’d like to be able to compete with that.



Haven't had the chanse to compare the two, but I got my FR 212 a couple of weeks ago.
Man, that thing moves air ! My Zilla Fatboy cab is totally left in the dust !
I would say it plays like 3/4th of a 4x12. I've got three 4x12 cabs to compare with (5150 III, CAA with V-30/G12T75 and a TT-cabs loaded with Emi superV) and none of them are getting any use anymore.:(
I would try to get the 212 if I were you. I've tried that route with 2 Mesa Thile 1x12, and that didn't exactly rock my world.
Now all I need to do, is to sell a couple of 4x12's to finance another FR212 :p

Great insight friend - thank you :)


Don't have a Matrix but finally received my XiTone 1x12 active a few weeks back. Still need to do a better comparison against my Friedman but right now (both have been used in a live setting without a thorough test. Didn't have time):

Friedman ASM-12 = more low end and lots of thump. More than enough volume.

XiTone = more clarity and cut. More than enough volume. (think the Matrix will be close to this???)

But combined together these two cabs produce a big tone that sits well throughout the mix. Hopefully this week will get some studio time to test both and record a quality video.
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