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Anyone using Speaker Compression?


Fractal Audio Systems
I always use it but I also always set the output mode to "SS PA + cab" (even when playing thru FRFR speakers), so there's basically no compression but I like that "modulation" of the low res frequency and the thump it adds with higher time constant values, it makes the lows more lively.
Yes, when I use it I usually set output mode to that. Makes things punchier.


Power User
I was using it quite a bit along with power amp feedback type comp prior to the new Gain Enhancer. Now I’m in the honeymoon stage with the Gain Enhancer & let’s not forget about the Speaker Impedance parameter w/ XFormer Match that was also added/reworked, (lotta good stuff going on with those as well.) I guess my point is, start tweaking the new stuff & it sounds so damn good ya kind of forget about the other things that ya use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to go.
I’d say as long as the Speaker Comp parameter isn’t removed completely it’d be a non issue. Those who use it know where to find it & when & where they want to use it.
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I think I use it when I'm going through and twisting knobs randomly. I can hear it at dramatic settings, so I usually turn it down just below where I can notice it, so like, 1.86 or something. But if it suddenly went missing or were 0 by default, I'd take no issue.
I used to use it a lot but with the new modeling I'm finding I keep turning it way down or off. I'm thinking of making the default value 0.
Funny you should ask

I just started to turn off compression on many of my presets because with my Fluence FRFr pickups and FRFr cab, the axe 3 didn’t need it anymore....maybe it’s also partially cuz of the new fw??


Agree -- would like Speaker Comp to default to off in next firmware iteration,
+1 - also Speaker Compliance

There are a lot of compression options already (not to mention natural amp compression), and I prefer the clarity when the speaker drive/compr/compl are off. Still nice to have the option tho!


I used to use it a lot but with the new modeling I'm finding I keep turning it way down or off. I'm thinking of making the default value 0.
I used to use it some on my Axe 2. Haven’t messed with it on my new 3 because it already sounds incredible. I’ll have to try lowering it or turning it off to see.


Fractal Fanatic
I never change it, kinda forgot about it. I’ll try turning to 0. Cool with a 0 default here.


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I personally don't use it but I was helping someone set up their rig recently and it came in handy to get them the "amp feel" they wanted. Default at 0 sounds good though.


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I usually adjust it to give me around 2-3 dB of compression when digging in, as was recommended when it was added.

Settings as low as 1.00, to as high as 5.00? Haven't had time to revisit this in the last few firmware versions?


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I used it a couple of times on the II, but I haven't bothered to touch it on the III. A slight pinch of the gain enhancer does exactly what I'm looking for there.
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