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Anyone use Input Dynamics?

Do you use Input Dynamics in the Amp block?

  • No

    Votes: 135 64.6%
  • Yes

    Votes: 74 35.4%

  • Total voters


Late to the party but I just got my AF3 a week ago, so...

I absolute love the Input Dynamics setting, I set it at 1 on all the amps I am currently using (Plexi, Dual Verb, Jazz and JTM45) and it makes a lot of difference to me as my playing depends on dynamics.


To prevent overwhelming the brain of the elementary users, protect the AMP advanced buttons with a lock like this:

Old skool. Drafting 101. (except for the metric notations). :rolleyes:


Indeed....plenty of room for more knobs and things to play with....before taking things out.

....and I do like how Input Dynamics changes the feel.....use it as a "transient shape" control.

Keep and add....is my vote.

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