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Anyone sell all their tube amps?


Fractal Fanatic
I did. Then I bought more.

Just my view, never stop trying new amplifiers, when you find one with magic, buy it and enjoy it for a while.


Power User
I sold all of mine - Matchless, Marshall, Egnater, Boogie, Fender, Carr, Fuchs, and others. I'm fully invested.

I haven't completely successfully 'danced with the amp-in-the-room' demon, but I'm still trying!
Old thread but it made me laugh - for some reason (illogical, guess) having the Axe FX II & III has made me want to build / buy old amps, especially the 5E3 Fender and the Deluxe with AB763. A lot of it is in the education I've gained about how they work and mods that can be done.


No. Bought more actually. I find the combination of the fractal and tubes to morph to anything I need. Full custom and on demand. With a push of a button. I got it all. Get a lot of compliments too.


No. I am still not convinced. Maybe I need to plug the FX3 into an actual cabinet and not just a FRFR speaker (Adam), I enjoy it, value it, but just not at all convinced that they are identical. Two different awesome things is still how I view them. To me it's like should I sell all my physical video games and play on emulators? Same answer. No.


Once the FX3 arrives I'll make that decision but honestly don't think I'll be holding on to it, Marshall TSL 100.


I got rid of all of my amps ages ago, and haven't missed them. I did recently pick up a Swart ST Stereo, just because I'm going to get my kids (we have twins) a couple of those child scale electric guitars, and I wanted something that we could play together on without too much fuss- when my Axe rig is around, they just like to step on the buttons and watch the lights change colors, so that lives in my workshop where I practice!


I actually sold my Randall/Egnater modular tube gear to fund an Axe II setup. The only proper amp head I'd ever owned was a Carvin X100, but I sold that before Axe-FX was a thing. The other tube gear I owned were tube preamps/poweramps - Rocktron Piranha, Mesa V-twin, VHT GP3, VHT 2/50/2, Mesa 20/20.

Having not owned any of the amps that are modeled in the Axe-fx, I gravitated to the FAS amp models and haven't looked back.


I’ve sold 1 of my 2 Plexi reissues and will get rid of the second. I’m also getting rid of my Triaxis and ADA MP1 as well.


Fractal Fanatic
If we count preamps, I've also sold few when I got the Axe-FX: Egnater M4 Modular Preamp with 6 modules, Triaxis, JMP-1, Marshall 9000


Keeping my jcm800 50 watt. Once in awhile i pretend like it's 1983 and I just got home from highschool. I turn it on open the bedroom window and treat the neigbors to a show.. :?


I bought one your 5153's with the matching 4x12 for around a third of the cost of my Axe Fx 3, thanks to threads like this. Maybe Fractal will sell a midi controlled fan to simulate pants flap from a loud amp :D


All gone currently, and I enjoy having the space they took up. I'd like to get one just to have, but it's more emotional than practical. My neighbors next door know what TV shows I'm binging, and I know what they had for dinner. It's just not practical for me to have anything loud.


Fractal Fanatic
I bought one your 5153's with the matching 4x12 for around a third of the cost of my Axe Fx 3, thanks to threads like this. Maybe Fractal will sell a midi controlled fan to simulate pants flap from a loud amp :D

Crank the speaker you play through and let those pants flap away!


Haven't owned a tube amp in around 5 years. Live I use IEMs and in studio the cabs are always mic'd up in the live room. I'm in the control room hearing the mic'd sound through the monitors since that's the sound that matters for the recording and what the audience hears through the PA. So switching to digital was really easy for me because I didn't have to change monitoring paradigms. There was no reason to hang onto the tube amps even when I was using Kemper and Helix. But now with Fractal my direct tone is better than I was ever getting with mics on real amps.


Heck, I sold all my amps and pedals (actually I kept my favorite wah as a reference to model/emulate it with the AF2, which I did so I just put it in its bag and never played it ever since) when I got my AxeFx2 back in 2011 and never looked back.

My AF3 will be here in a few weeks and there is no doubt I would get rid of everything again, if I had any left.
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