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Anyone purchase the Martin Miller preset pack?


How did it translate on your gear? His tone is always great in his medley videos so was wondering if the pack was decent.

Brian Coonan

Power User
Went out and listened to his YouTube vid - they sound great for sure (especially on the Axe III) but I didn't hear anything really that couldn't be found in the factory presets maybe. Plus, $35 for like 8 presets seems a little high to me based on other vendors.


He is ridiculously good I think. Yeah agree the price is a little steep and tones can probably be had quickly using simple presets. Always nice to know how the pros approach their tones I guess.

If you are a patreon for a few months you get then as well.


His playing is excellent, which makes the presets shine, but I do not hear anything special on the tone that could not be easily made from the factory presets or basic settings.
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