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Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?


Fractal Fanatic
Line item 15 on sheet D-16:

Met with my accountant today. Asked about the $78k number. He pulled out a giant book of tax laws for 2019 and showed me that's only for filing jointly. He then showed me the $39,375 is for single. I'm not an accountant. Best to consult your personal accountants on this one.
My link said: A capital gain rate of 15% applies if your taxable income is $78,750 or more but less than $434,550 for single

Obviously, it cannot be both.

Rich G.

Obviously, it cannot be both.
Yes, I can see where the confusion could come in. I just checked with another local accountant citing both links. She said $39,375 is the limit for single. Due to the confusion, I'm recommending to anyone reading this to check with their accountants... or if you're using some automated software, maybe it puts the correct number in there.

Personally, I'd like it if you were my accountant. I like your numbers better. ;)

Rich G.

He timed that like an absolute pro! Time to buy it all back...
Right around mid Feb I was thinking it would be good to pull out of the market for a while. When I first read the story (forget where) when Apple said "We have some kind of virus thing going on here. We're asking people to stay home... aaaand we don't think we're going to make our numbers next quarter" my ears perked up. I was thinking that wasn't a good sign. That's when the roller coaster began to lose grip of the chain pulling it up the hill and the free fall started.

I've been long in the market from the beginning. As I watch the market drop day by day I wonder why I didn't get out? Everything I see and read says to stick it out. Kinda hard to do when the market's down 30%. My gut says it's not going to stop there either. I'm thinking the Dow will settle around 15000 for a 50% drop before turning the corner. I'm somewhat fearful and panicked at this point. Don't want to see my holdings drop 50% in a month... but I also don't want to jump ship right at the very bottom. Ugh... can we just turn 2020 off and back on again?

Here's at least something telling me I'm doing the right thing at the moment:

and this: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/15/should-i-sell-my-stocks.aspx


You have picked the worst time for doing this. Gold and Silver physical is the way to go. If you want options Go to Greg Manarinos website Traderschoice.net. He was doing options exclusively up till about 3 months ago. All assets are rigged including the bond market and stock market. Good luck.
Anyone notice what gold and silver are doing. My crystal ball wins again!
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