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Anyone have a Lukather preset like this?


New Member
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a Luke preset from his CAE preamp days. I've made a few on my AX8 and they are OK but I'd like to hear some other users sounds if they have made anything close. I have found his old settings from some photos and tried to find a decent v30 2x12 cab but would like to see what some other people have made perhaps some tips on some of the deeper setting in the amp section like preamp dynamics, sag, output comp, whatever. Here is a good example of the tone I am trying to get close to during a soundcheck back in 2007. I just love the buzzy kind of sound plus I hear plenty of circular delay, I'm sure the EMG's add to the sound as well compared to a passive humbucker. I'd like to have a similar sound to try live with my cover band.
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