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Anyone Got a Good Tim Mahoney (311) Octave Patch?

Josh O

I've been on a serious 311 kick lately, especially after seeing them live a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to cop the octave distortion thing Mahoney has going on in songs like Homebrew, Prisoner, etc.


Sorry no one got back to you earlier - until recently, Tim used a Boss OC-2 Octave pedal. Now hes using this:

(I have no idea what that is).

In any case, you should be able to cop a similar tone by using the Octave Divider mode of the Pitch Shifter, bring up Lvl 1 (1st octave down) and set Lvl 2 (2nd octave down) to off. Adjust the Mix parameter to mix in the direct signal so that its louder than the 1 octave down signal. Tim almost always uses the effect with distortion, so if your going into a clean amp simulation I would attach a drive pedal after the Pitch. Definitely use the bridge pickup.

Sorry that I don't have my Ultra in front of me... I'd be able to give you more exact settings.
Hope that helps!


That's a Pearl Octave pedal from the 80's. I had some once that were stolen at a gig/party. I had the Flanger and Distortion pedals. They were VERY good pedals.
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